Come and be equipped with a variety of high-paying vocational, technical and entrepreneurial skills and receive University certification from First Technical University, Ibadan, Nigeria ( Partner to Technical University, Texas, U.S.A ).

We will train you on the technicalities, we mentor you to be successful at the business. Theory, hands-on practicals, do-it-yourself, group projects, post class mentor-ship etc.



  • Web Technology: Website Designing, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Youtube Money-Making Secrets, Online Courses, Mini Importation, Car Importation etc.
  • System Security: CCTV Installation,, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Discrete Surveillance,  PABX ( Intercom ), OBD 2 ( Automobile Diagnosis ), Bio-metrics etc
  • Aesthetics: 3D Epoxy Flooring, Reflector Flooring, Stamped Concrete, Epoxy Furniture, Epoxy Jewelry, Wall Panel, Wall Paper etc
  • Cosmetology: Formulation, production, packaging and marketing of over 50 Organic skincare, facial creams, oils etc. Perfume Production etc


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Kindly drop your inquiries and recommendations. You can be more specific on the courses you intend taking under each category. Feel free to drop any other relevant information.