OMNI App Browser – All in one app | Flutter, android, ios



⊃niOMNI Browser ( Browser + Android + iOS ) is an extraordinarily engaging Browser for users that allows them to access all the web app pages at one place for free, also using this they can save their android mobile ram.


Imagine 10,000 daily users with 1hour of time, seeing just 15 adverts. That is 150,000 advert views daily.


150 x 5 is $750 daily.


Just 1000 users at that rate is $75 daily.


One of the best features of this app that will make people love it and which proves beneficial to you the owner is that it is one of a kind of platform that offers convenient mobile add-ons ranging from Shopping,Traveling, Education, Social, Food, Gaming and many more.

This app can be customized according to your needs.