Revolutionize your business with BizAI ERP!

BIZAI ERP affords youthe most comprehensive dashboard with all the essential details under one head. We all can agree that dashboards have made our lives easier. 

Well, from every minute detail like total Clients, Users, Invoices, Projects, and estimations to Leads, Deals, and items, you can get quantitative data in the most simple layout. You get an overview of Estimates, Invoices, top-due Payments, Projects, and Tasks to take timely actions. 

Get a reminder of meeting Schedules, Expiring Contracts, Weekly Events, and new clients as you scroll down. Lastly, a Pie Chart can help you understand various project statuses. In short, every activity of your business can be handled through this useful tool.

What to expect from BIZAI ERP – All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM

  • A comprehensive dashboard with all requisite information under one tab
  • Easy management of staff details, be it, employees or clients, with easy filter options
  • Management of various aspects of HR. From Attendance to Resignation, from Training to Performance, everything related to employee management becomes easy with BIZAI ERP
  • Managing Pre Sales effectively through Leads, Deals, and Estimate Management
  • Kanban and List view for the convenience of users
  • Manage the minutest aspects of the project for effective implementation
  • Manage Invoices, Payments, Expenses, and Credit Notes through easy clicks. Never miss the due date from now on
  • Inventory Management in Invoice and Bill
  • Proposals, Invoices, and Bills details can be checked with QR codes
  • Customer/ Vendor Statement Report
  • Contract Module for Digital Signature
  • Added GDPR Cookie to make the next visit easier and more useful
  • Stock/ Inventory Management
  • New Stock Report
  • Image Uploaded Preview
  • Email Templates
  • reCaptcha in Login & Reset Password Page
  • Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi
  • Project Report Module
  • Duplicate Project Module
  • Google Calendar for Meetings, Holidays, Events, Project Tasks, Interview Schedules, Zoom Meetings
  • Build on Offer Letter, Joining Letter, Experience Certificate, and NOC
  • Form Builder
  • POS Module
  • Discount on POS Products
  • Barcode Print Module in POS System
  • Manage leads, and deals, and generate reports to enhance customer relationship management.
  • Seamlessly controls warehouses, purchases, POS orders, and point-of-sale transactions.
  • Thermal Print in POS Module
  • Added iframe embed link in the form builder
  • Customized settings options for RTL on/off, Primary Color, Sidebar, Layout
  • Themes Color Setting, Transparent Layout, and Dark Layout under Theme Customizer
  • Slack Integration
  • Zoom Integration
  • Telegram Integration
  • Twilio Integration
  • Desktop Application to Track Project Activities/Hours
  • Keep a tab on expiring contracts
  • Chat with users without having to switch tools
  • Manage your goals with BIZAI ERP
  • Budget Planning Feature
  • Get a detailed report on each aspect of the Project, Sales, HR, and Pre-sales
  • Customize your business, system, and print settings in BIZAI ERP
  • Available in Multiple languages
  • A user-friendly RTL experience for customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages
  • Built with Laravel 10