Exciting Partnership Opportunity: Boost Your Earnings with Us

Dear [Influencer’s Name],

Exciting Partnership Opportunity: Boost Your Earnings with Us

I hope this message finds you well. We have been admirers of your impactful presence and engagement on social media, and we believe that a collaboration between you and FENOL Infinite Solutions Ltd can bring about tremendous mutual benefits.

About FENOL Infinite Solutions Ltd:

FENOL Infinite Solutions Ltd is a leading Digital Technology Agency specializing in Business Automation and Optimization. Since our inception in 2005, we have successfully delivered high-end solutions in Website and Mobile App Development, Content Creation, Monetization, and Digital Marketing.

The Opportunity:

We are excited to offer you an exclusive partnership opportunity to promote our brand, products, and services to your engaged audience. By becoming a FENOL affiliate, you will receive a unique Affiliate Link and Promo Code.

Partnership Benefits:

  1. Commission Structure:
    • Earn a lucrative 10% commission on the total cost of all projects sealed via your unique Affiliate Link and Promo Code.
  2. Exclusive Promotions:
    • Access to exclusive promotions, ensuring your audience receives special offers when they engage with FENOL through your channel.
  3. Tailored Content:
    • We will provide you with tailored content, including graphics, videos, and key messaging, to make your promotion seamless and effective.
  4. Real-time Tracking:
    • Gain access to real-time tracking and reporting to monitor the success of your campaigns and track your earnings.


How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Join our Affiliate Program by signing up at [Affiliate Sign-Up Link].
  2. Receive Unique Links and Code: Upon approval, you will receive a unique Affiliate Link and Promo Code. You will also the needed formats of our signature.
  3. Promote: Share your unique links and code across your social media platforms, and watch the commissions roll in.
  4. Earn Commissions: Receive 10% commission on all projects sealed via your link.

We are eager to discuss this partnership further and address any questions you may have. Please let us know a time that suits you for a call or a meeting, and we can explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Thank you for considering FENOL Infinite Solutions Ltd as your affiliate partner. We look forward to the prospect of working together to create a mutually beneficial collaboration.


Best Regards,


Gideon Oluwalana,

FENOL Infinite Solutions Ltd

projects@fenolsolutions.com, fenolsolutions@gmail.com

(+234)8033060873, (+234)9063691200








FENOL’s variety of Business Solution as SAAS with FREE ad Premium packages include:

  1. www.egaico.com : Social Commerce Ecosystem
  2. www.aibuddy.com.ng : AI Content Generating Platforms
  3. www.schoolai.com.ng : Robust School Management System
  4. www.designblast.com.ng : Canva Alternative. Media Suite

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