Firstly , I return all the glory to God Almighty who made today a reality. I must confess that today is one of the happiest moment in my life , not particularly about the incentives but about the better person I had become through this God sent platform called Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP).

Yes, I joined RAGP in 12/11/2017 (A long time ago right? I know) through Emem Udoh a.k.a Pglobal (From Facebook, I joined RAGP through her even before I met with her years later!).

She actually introduced RAGP to me which I turned down initially, with the normal ( I will get back to You syndrome), but after studying the platform with keen Interest, I chatted her few days later and told her that I want to register and I sent Five Thousand naira to her🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️, used the 1k bonus and lock up🤔🤔🤔🤔.

Few weeks later, I told myself that, babe, you actually grabbed the key VALUE in the business nah that I will get paid whenever I use Telecom products which I used heavily because I was always online due to the nature of my job then.

I was only using the platform for myself, office and family , I later abandoned the platform for more than a year, because of several issues its was having ( RAGP site was like NEPA 😃 ) and I can’t continue to waste more money refunding few people that are doing the business under me whenever they have issues with funding , airtime and others.

In early 2019, I started reading the testimonies of people making it in RAGP especially that of PGLOBAL and others.

Mammi (Pglobal) called and encouraged me to consider RAGP , she had even put people under me without my knowledge), while I was still contemplating if to continue or not!

For once, I never told her the nature of my job; (smiles), I worked 6 days a week, 9am to 9pm🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Used of phone is highly prohibited and when caught with phone, its will be ceased for at least 2 months, (Funny right?) But that didn’t deter me from pushing, imagine after making several post like she advised, prospects will comment and you are nowhere available to respond, chat back or even call them! Sigh but I told myself that I won’t give up, if others are doing it and getting it right then I will get it and will also be celebrated irrespective of how long it will take me to achieve it. I started using my night time productively. Guess what I started seeing result, that was when I decided that my night will be for my RAGP while the day is for my daily job!

Miraculously; God added wonderful downlines to my team whom I never knew were God sent to me.

To cut the story short , I became serious with RAGP in during the lockdown in 2020, because there was no phone supervision or seizure 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳.

I created different WhatsApp groups for different training for the few downlines that I have and started training.

My points value PV started growing little by little. Did I tell you that she (Pglobal) was on this train all through, Countless times has she called several hours on phone to keep encouraging and also train me! Smiles

But today today that 20 PV has turned to 25k PV, why? Cause I didn’t listen to that tiny voice telling me to quit. I became more focused, more determined, I became more hungry to succeed, each day, I became more intentional about succeeding, My Consistency level grew, And yes! Its paid. It can only be God’s doing.

👉🏿Don’t let challenges stop you but make you.

👉🏾Learn not to delay in saying YES to opportunity.

👉🏾Be prompt and fast to forget past ugly experiences and move on. ( Start afresh )

👉🏾Be ready to take risk.

👉🏾Best people to do business with are strangers.

👉🏾Don’t be too rigid, be flexible and open minded…….

👉🏾 Be intentional about ur mission and purpose.


Please screen any MLM company , the people behind it, their products and the market before passionately venturing into it…….

RAGP is the best!!! Fly , Run , don’t walk or crawl. Embrace it with your all.

Those that have left should kindly come back Nowwwwwwww , Telecom is the real deal in this 21st century.

Open multiple accounts.

Tele-communications is the rave of the moment and contain enormous wealth! Prospects please join now and join big.

Please note, time won’t permit me to mention all names, but you are all important, acknowledged and appreciated…

My appreciation goes to;

👉🏾 Mrs. Ekpoessien Emem ( PGlobal, Snr. Sis). Thanks for everything, you are the best and God sent.

👉🏾 Mr. Daniel Ekpoessien (Dr. Reigns) . You’re leader like no other, This generation is blessed to have you, indeed you are a real boss. Thanks and God bless you richly.

👉🏾 Mr. Roy Akpan (Laga Master) you made me to see the need to succeed Thank you boss for bringing my senses back to the business to achieve my dreams.

👉🏾 Mrs Philomena Ifeoma Osazuwa (First Lady) na mother you be. God bless you ma

👉🏾 Amb. Perdisha God Bless you ma for your encouragement and word of advice.

👉🏾 Mrs. Akintola Satarat Bioye Thanks for still believing in me despite the challenges, I can’t wait to celebrate you Ma, soonest it will manifest.

👉🏾 Aragold, you are the got brother. Thanks

👉🏾 Engr. P A J thank you for making me realize the power of midnight. God bless you

👉🏾 Mr. Amos Jatau (Aboki) Thanks boss

👉🏾 Mrs. Balogun , your focus and believe in RAGP is second to none. Thanks so much ma , God bless.

👉🏾 To all my team members; You are all richly blessed. I can’t thank you enough , you are all amazing . I will celebrate you all at the top.

As for our CEO, Ositadinma Oshopo, I don’t know what to say than to pray that God should continue to guide, guard and endow you with more wisdom to keep liberating people. Your voice will be heard globally sir……. Thanks so much for putting up these ideas that have made thousands of NIGERIANS millionaires…… God bless you immensely sir .!

Long live RAGP!
Long live CEO.!
Long live Nigeria.!

Etim Arit Juliet