Practical Ways To Make Money Online in 2022 – Pt. 1


In 2005, I mistakenly stumbled into a seminar where a 500L medicine student of Lautech was teaching “internet business opportunities”

That was the first time I heard the phrase “make money online” and I immediately realized that this is an opportunity that could change my life forever.

“How on earth does someone ‘make money online'” I wondered, as I am certain many people too are wondering even now.

Well, 15 years later, not only do I make money online, I have built businesses that have done millions online.

I created this short report to help many people avoid some of my mistakes and get into the right path.

So, let’s get into it.

First of all if you want to truly, really “make money online,” there are 3 things you must get right from the word go so you don’t waste your time, money, energy and effort.


  1. DO NOT go to Google and search for “how to make money online”.


If you do so, you are going to be led down an evil path filled with scams, pyramid schemes, half baked, time wasting activities and despicable human beings who masquerade as “online entrepreneurs”.


99% of people who go this path end up never escaping this maze.



Enough said.

  1. To make money online, you MUST have something for sale and you must learn how to sell it online.

You can’t cop out by transferring your responsibility to sell to someone else, ala, “do it for me” or think other people will make you rich by “helping” ala MMM.

Don’t be dumb. You do not “make money online” in a literal sense. You do so by offering something of value, a product or service,in exchange for money


  1. You must choose something real, something that can grow and you must have the discipline/patience to learn and do work to grow it.

Get it?

Now let’s talk about the different things you can do to make money online and what you should run away from when you hear “make money online”.

I’ll start with what to avoid with a long spoon. Engaging in them is like dining with the devil and using a short spoon.



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