MMO6: Model 4 – Importation/Ecommerce


MMO Model 4 – Importation/Ecommerce


E-commerce is all about 3 things:


(1) Searching for physical products that solve problems for people or help them get closer to their desires.

You can source these products here in Nigeria or import them.


(2) Buying the products at the lowest cost possible, importing them to Nigeria.


(3) And using a genius marketing method to sell them for a good ROI.


If you are going to run with this business model, make sure you do not run it like a lot of people.


Run it as a proper business.


Start with a huge and profitable audience/market. E.g. Fitness, babies (Moms), Women’s fashion, Skin care


Look for challenges people have in that market


Find products on Aliexpress that solve those challenges – In fact, you will even come across many products on Aliexpress that fix challenges you do not know about.


Buy the products for the lowest cost you can find (You may have to use an agent or other sites for this)


E.g. Some products that sell for N$2 a piece can be gotten from for far lesser


Create a marketing system that allows you to pull in people who are interested in the type of products you are importing. You can advertise using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Blogs


Sell to them


Sell to them repeatedly


If you decide to take this to another level, you might even create a brand name and find companies that can help you create products with your brand name printed on them


But you don’t have to start with that.


You can start importing with at least N50,000 or even lower.


“However the most important factor is for you to ONLY import products that people really want to buy.”


Personally, I don’t import products until I have advertised it and gotten proof that it is a product that will sell.


That is when I go ahead to buy it.


Ecommerce requires a capital of at least N50,000 to get it started.


If you want to go with this online model, please get the 10X Ecommerce Training by Jonathan Melody




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