MMO5: Model 3 – Information Publishing


MMO Model 3: Information Publishing


Information publishing is a business model where you publish and market information on a topic that people are looking to learn/master.


You can publish step by step guides/courses on virtually any topic as long as people have an interest in it and are ready to pay for it.


The topics can be on money, relationships, business, travel, education, health, food, jobs, etc.


It’s a really neat way to make money.


One of my businesses does this and it’s extremely profitable with incredible margins.


You can deliver the information products digitally or physically or in person.


Information publishing is a really big business.


There are 3 major steps to it.


(1) Start by deciding on a topic that people will buy.


(2) Package or Create the information into a product.


(3) Create a System to market the information product.



You can also sell information in various formats:


– You can sell it as a simple ebook in PDF format


– You can sell it as a video


– You can sell it as a full blown course


– You can sell it as an audio


– You can sell it as a webinar, seminar or Teleseminar


– You can sell it as coaching


– You can sell it as a membership content


If this is what you like, you should look at Jonathan Melody’s IBM program


Jonathan was able to create a N30m a year income from creating and selling information products online.



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