MMO3: MODEL 1 – Freelancing / Consulting


MMO MODEL 1: Freelancing/Consulting

 This is where you provide skilled tasks to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Online Freelancing is probably the best way you can use to start making money online without any capital.

That is because all you are doing is helping our businesses and individuals with certain tasks like:

  • Article writing
  • Social media posting
  • Audio/video transcribe
  • Translations
  • Graphics design
  • Web design
  • Voice over
  • Etc

All you need is a skill in a particular area or subject – graphic design, social media marketing, copywriting, sales.

And you can quickly learn many of these skills.

Business owners buy these services like clockwork.

All you have to do is to go to one of the online marketplaces where you can get these jobs.


The most popular one is known as

Fiverr is the world’s largest online freelance services marketplace that connects businesses with online freelancers.

Don’t let the $5 jobs fool you,it’s merely a starting point.

People charge as much as $10,000 to do jobs there.

Then we have others like – and

On these sites, you can sell skills ranging from graphic design to writing, to social media marketing to copywriting to programming to sales, etc.


It’s incredible what you can do on these sites. Check them out.

By the way, if this is what you want to do, my advice is that you get the guidance of someone who has been doing this for sometime.


The best program about online freelancing that I can vouch for right now is this one called Freelance Money Pot by Ajeigbe Moruf


The guy who created the program has hundreds of positive testimonials from students.


Click this link to check out the Freelance Money Pot program.


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