MMO2: Pls, Avoid These 6 Online Biz Models


Next, Please Avoid These 6 Models:


  1. Online surveys – purportedly, you simply respond to surveys and you get paid a certain amount.

If it was that simple, trust me, everyone will be doing surveys right now and smiling to the bank. It is a lie.


  1. Get paid to read emails – this one is so dumb I don’t even know how people believe it.


  1. “Oil and Gas investment” – also masquerading as “online investment programs” aka, invest =N=100,000 and get paid 40% every 30/60/90 days.

There are currently new ones making the rounds now.

Who are the shit people who invent these things? And who believes all that shit?


  1. Cash Gifting programs – a.k.a MMM and its many cousins (oh when, I was in Russia, I found Mavrodi’s house. If you lost money in MMM, I know where to find his mother, just kidding.)

All that, “provide help, receive help” nonsense.

Their promoters morphed into #3 above.


  1. Online MLMs – pyramid schemes disguised as network marketing opportunities.

If they have no real product and focus on recruiting new members, it’s bullshit, it’s a pyramid and it will come tumbling down.

And oh, if their “product” is a bunch of ebooks/courses, the same applies.Basically, anything that promises you’ll make a lot of money doing very little to no work.

It’s mostly shysters and scammers who promote those things and I don’t care if it’s your trusted cousin telling you to join in.

Avoid them all.


Now Let’s Get Into The Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online.

Once again, please understand that you are making money online by using the internet to reach people who are interested in something, a product or service you provide and they will pay you.

Online aka the internet is simply the medium.

So, below is my list of 4 Legitimate and Effective Ways You Can Use to Make Money Online in 2020.

Read through each part carefully and choose the one that fits you.


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