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1. https://fusionexchange.io/sign-up?ref=O2ueOqVYho


2. Here is how to use Metamask for USDT BEP 20

Metamask Tutorials: How to add the Bep20 network to Metamask (Binance smart chain) – YouTube

Here is the Binance smart chain network details:

Network Name: Smart Chain
New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Import usdt bep 20 token in Metamask

USDT BEP 20 Contract Addresses in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain USDT BEP20 Contract Address is:



Leaders should share this with their members



Most comprehensive guide!


If you have traded or deposited fund in USDT trc20 before, then you don’t have to worry. All deposited trading usdt trc20 has automatically been converted to usdt bep20.

All you will have to do is to connect your fusion Xperience office to your trust wallet or metamask or coinbase or imtoken wallet or bitkeep wallet etc.

Your withdrawal to Trust wallet is in USDT BEP 20 😊


5. https://youtu.be/VSZHiwUzoIo


6. https://youtu.be/cKdPVuOkPSQ


7. https://youtu.be/0pSU3ltWDPc


8. https://youtu.be/VBSb463IeQc



Are there leadership rewards?

✅Yes, there are leadership rewards.

500,000 volumes ($500,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $5000.

1,000,000 volumes ($1,000,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $10000.

2,000,000 volumes ($2,000,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $20000.

3,000,000 volumes ($3,000,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $30000.

❓What is the profit structure of Fusion Xperience on Arbitrage Trading?
✅1. User’s Daily Profits (based on profits generated from user’s trade) – 25%.
2. Total Referrals – 35% (L1- 20%, L2 -10%, L3 – 5%).
3. Gas/transaction fees – 20%
4. Company’s operations (server maintenance/scalability, staffing, admin. costs, etc) – 20%
In all we do, we are going to place Fusion in a position where it’s always sustainable and profitable for our users. As we grow, we will continue to increase your current 25% profit margin and also increase the maximum daily withdrawal limit.


❓Is there a default link on the website?
✅No! We have decided to give our users who are heavy marketers and have large networks of people a very unusual consideration so that they can profit from their advertisements and marketing. Our default link will not be on the website. Rather, people can only register on the site with referral links. We as a company will put our referral link on our marketing and advertising materials because we will also engage in massive advertisement and aggressive marketing.

❓Who is the CEO/Founder of Fusion Xperience?
✅Fusion Xperience has executives. It’s a project built through the collaborative efforts of like-minded people, people of impeccable for integrity and transparency with decades of experiences and expertise in the industry.
The Executives of Fusion Xperience have not doxed themselves to the public yet for security reasons. Nevertheless, they will do so at the appropriate time. The executive team is composed of owners/founders (who came together from several continents and various walks of life), the developers/tech team, marketing/advertisement, operations, and administrators. These teams are working with concerted efforts and collaboratively to deliver pragmatic, sustainable, world-class, ultramodern and a very secure platform using innovative and emerging technologies.

❓Where’s the physical office of Fusion Xperience?
✅At the moment frantic efforts are being made to establish physical offices in different locations of the world including America (USA), Europe (Germany) and Africa (Nigeria). Fusion Xperience has ambassadors and global leaders in all the continents of the globe!

❓Any proof of a liquidity pool?
✅A liquidity pool is a pool of funds locked in a smart contract so as to facilitate an efficient decentralized system and facilitate protection of traders’ funds. The proof of our liquidity pool is through our novel flashloan smart contract model embedded in our system. So all transactions are decentralized and is executed with amazing precision and speed/frequency.


10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jetg_hzn09I


11. Fusion Experience .pdf




13. How to convert the BNB to…


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