0MEGA CUBE is a kind of block merge game.


OMEGA CUBE is a kind of block merge game. You are given a platform in the game. You need to send blocks with numbers written on them to this platform. When blocks with the same number collide, the blocks merge. It is also referred to as a block merge game. As the blocks are combined, the numbers on them get multiplied. This way you need to grow the numbers and eventually reach the number 2048. The game may seem simple, but there are some important tricks.

OMEGA CUBE: Game Features

It is a good option for number games lovers. While sending the blocks to the end of the platform, you can make them right-left and send them to the point you want. The game is a complete relaxation and distraction game. We can say that it is a good alternative for those looking for a casual game. Two and multiples of two are written on the cubes. In this way, it increases exponentially. It is also possible to improve your math thanks to the game. We can already say that it is an intelligence-boosting game.

While you are playing the game, your mind works and develops without you realizing it. In this respect, the game is both fun and useful at the same time. Cube games are generally very entertaining and developer. In this game, it is a game that does not bother you with difficult stages and is also fun. Moreover, it is a game suitable for all ages. If you like number games and you want it not to be too difficult, you can easily play this game.

OMEGA CUBE: Game How To Play?

The cube used in the game has different colors according to the numbers on it. You can send each cube on top of the other or to the right or left. The important thing is to collide cubes of the same number. Otherwise, the cubes will overlap and overflow the platform. You need to increase the number by multiplying the numbers with each other. Finally, you can reach the number 2048. The aim of the game is to reach the highest number.

The most important features of Merges games are that they are played without too much squeezing and tiring. It is also very useful especially for children thanks to its intelligence development features. You can download the game for your child or yourself and start playing. We can already say that you will enjoy it very much.


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