Be A Great Parent Even If You Are Divorced

  • Don’t Let Divorce Crumble Your Bond With Your Children!

A divorce is not an experience many plan for.  Yet, so many give in for several reasons. And, unfortunately, we can’t ignore its negative impact on the partners, children and the society at large.

So, in this 6-Module Course, I will be walking you through to see how this negative impact can be reduced to the barest minimum. Come along!


This book answers several age-long questions and doubts about raising Sound Children, after experiencing a divorce.

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The Parenting Through Divorce eBook teaches you how to be a good parent while also coping with a divorce.

You’ll learn how your divorce affects your child and what you can do about it as well as models of parenting when going through a divorce.

You’ll discover the responses that are most common from your children when going through a divorce as well.

Also covered are specific techniques for dealing with children in specific age groups as well as communication basics for talking to your children.

Some of the common pitfalls and traps when dealing with children during a divorce are also covered along with parenting plans to help you raise your children.

Everything is wrapped up with main topics of concern for parents as well as how to use family meetings effectively.