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FENOL Infinite Solutions LTD is a registered company (RC:1406975), delivering high-end Digital Solutions in form of Products, Services and Trainings. We help our clients across the globe to improve their corporate image, visibility, traffic, sales, operational systems, economy and efficiency. Our services include Website and Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, CCTV, GPS Tracking etc. Our service cuts across divers niches, industries and status. We offer business auditing, consulting and as well deliver premium ICT solutions that attracts traffic, engagement and sales for our clients.


what we do to serve youOUR SERVICES

Websites & Mobile Apps

To get ahead today, you need to have a passport to the world and be a part of the mobile experience of the over 5 billion mobile phone users.

That is why we offer Website & Mobile App Consulting and Development services to help companies like you take bigger chunks of the infinite clients, revenue and profit exchanging hands over the internet.

We start with consulting, proceed with delivery of tailored solutions and after sales support all the way.

 Make yours our next project.

1. Web Design
2. App Development
3. Blogs & E-Commerce

Digital Marketing

Business Automation Solutions helps you to  organize and preset your personnel, marketing, sales, payment, communication etc.

Kindly visit our Project Page to see a few of them.

EDUFENOL: School Portal with 70+ modules to automate all operations

PROJECTS: Receive clients' request, payment, assign personnel(s) to work on it, monitor progress to delivery etc.

1. Soc. Media Management
2. Digital Marketing
3. Influencer Marketing

Branding & Prints

We design and produce graphics, logos, brochures, banners, billboards, vehicles, promotional items, magazines, souvenirs,   multimedia etc.

This is your bespoke corporate signature that WOWs the mind and impresses you as the choice provider in your industry is what we offer.

1. Designs
2. Printing
3. Promotions

Security & Surveilance

Get real-time security assessment of your properties, residence, office, warehouse etc.

Closed Circuit TV

GPRS/GSM Vehicle Tracking

OBD II (Autodiagnosis)

PABX (Intercom) etc

2. GPS Vehicle Tracking
3. Security Gadgets

Online Businesses

  • We have it all figured out for you! Rent, lease or outright sales / purchase; down payment or installments? Yes, we have your back covered.

We have a variety of properties on our portfolio suitable for your domestic, corporate, warehousing, lands, in-progress buildings etc needs.



Get Equipped with high-paying skills. We train and mentor you to be successful at the business. Theory, hands-on practicals, do-it-yourself, group projects, post class mentor-ship etc.

Website Designing, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Youtube, Online Courses, Mini Importation, Car Importation etc.

And it is amazing to know that you can GET TRAINED FOR FREEE!


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We Have Forward-Thinking Creativity

We research into the future of your industry and help you with solutions that will position your organization to avoid the stiff competition by making you a dominant authority.

Customer Satisfaction & After-Sales Support

We pride in the satisfaction of our clients, the repeated patronage and referral. We let them leverage on our wealth of experience, resource and personnel. We navigate into the future with you.

Great Pricing & Flexible Payment

It is common experience that our clients get far more operational and economic benefits from our services as compared to what we put on their bill. Our bills are justified by the value delivered.

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